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The clinical picture of deficiency of zinc in a human body was for the first time described in 1861 by doctor Prasad who noted presence of similar pathological symptoms at some young Iranians:

  • dwarfism;
  • peculiar dermatitis;
  • underdevelopment of genitals;
  • iron deficiency anemia.

Unexpectedly for the doctor the positive effect was gained, after application with the medical purpose of salts of zinc.

As it is established by modern science, influence of zinc on a human body it is extremely big. Here some of them:

  • influences function of the genetic device;
  • influences growth and cell fission;
  • influences formation of a bone tissue;
  • influences formation of cells of skin;
  • influences work of a brain and formation of behavioural reflexes;
  • stimulates insulin synthesis;
  • provides function of assessment of flavoring feelings in language nipples;
  • improves functioning of TsNS;
  • accelerates healing of wounds;
  • influences the qualitative current of a spermatogenesis (raises sperm indicators);
  • influences the hormone of "growth" which is in a hypophysis;
  • influences timeliness of sexual development;
  • influences sexual activity of men;
    normalizes fatty exchange;
  • increases intensity of disintegration of fats;
  • prevents fatty dystrophy of a liver;
  • it is necessary for blood formation;
  • it is necessary for maintenance and improvement of sight;
  • the hair loss and baldness warns;
  • treatment and prevention of acne rash.

Commodity Name: Biotsink of the Capsule For Completion of Deficiency of Tsinka/Zinc Supplement Capsules/Sinik Toluqlash Kapsuli

Main bioactive ingredients:

  • bioactive zinc;
  • ekstraktastragala (Astragalus dasyanthus Pall.);
  • ekstraktzarazikh (Orobanche ramosa L.).

Indications to application.

It is recommended as dietary supplement to food: at deficiency of zinc in an organism.

Daily need for zinc:

  • children from 1 to 3 years – 10 mg;
  • children from 6 to 10 years – 12 mg;
  • teenagers from 11 to 17 years and adult – 15 mg;
  • pregnant women – 22 mg;
  • nursing mothers – 25 mg.

Method of application and doses: inside, daily on 1 capsule for the night.

Contraindications and precautionary measures:

  • individual intolerance of components of a product;
  • not to apply together with iron medicines;
  • not to exceed the recommended dose;
  • not to apply with similar medicines of zinc;
  • to children up to 7 years, only after consultation of the doctor;
  • medicine cannot be used after the expiry date specified on packing.

Release form: capsules on 0,35 g, in packing of 50 capsules.

Way of storage: in the dry, cool and dark place.

Period of storage: 2 years.

Registration number: Q/YP10-2004

Producer: Corporation "IPAR Biotechnology Development Inc."

Country of manufacture:China
Release form:Capsules
Information is up-to-date: 03.09.2018

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