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  • KUN-CHECHAK "Sunsella
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Country of manufacture:China

Medicine of new generation, thanks to unique components which are a part of this production allows to solve a number of the women's issues connected with inflame telny diseases of a small pelvis, new growths, decrease in reproductive function.

Name: Bioactive tablets "Kong Chechak"
English name: Sun bIossom vagina tabIets
Commodity name: Kun Chechak
Form: Tablets


Main structure:

Main structure:
• Koptis Chinese (Coptis teeta Wall);
• Curcuma zedoaria;
• Cornel koltuk Pak (powder of a krasnogrudy frog) (Rana asiatica Bedriaga);
• Peel of pomegranate (Punica gganatum L);

Indications to application:
• amenoreya, dismenoreya (promotes menstrual allocations);
• weakens a premenstrual syndrome;
• reduces developments of stagnation in bodies of a small pelvis at women;
• antibacterial activity (a uterus neck erosion, an inflammation of appendages and ovaries at women, prostatitis - at men);
• acts as prophylactic with a growth of good-quality tumoral educations (myoma, a cyst, prostate adenoma) and it is even capable to stop them;
• antifungal activity (milkwoman, candidiasis);
• promotes approach of pregnancy (infertility);
• antiparasitic activity (worms). In this case it is applied rektalno

Method of application and dosage:
1. Vaginalno on 1 tablet for the night. For prevention the course of treatment makes 12 days.
2. At chronic diseases a course of treatment - 18-24 tablets, in 6 months to repeat a course.


it is impossible to apply during menstrual cycles, pregnant women cannot use and feeding.
It is impossible to allow intimacy with the partner (with the husband) in usage time of a tablet, only after syringing of a vagina.

Release form: 1 tablet on 1 gr.
Packing: in each box on 6 tablets.
Way of storage: in the cool, dark and dry place.
Expiration date: 2 years

Country of manufacture:China
Type tools:Gel
Class of cosmetics:Natural
Volume: 6 тюбиков по 3мл ml
Information is up-to-date: 03.09.2018

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